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UnHeardOf World is a new idea born from several small projects developed by founder Adam Frick-Verdine. Started in St Louis Missouri with the help of Midwest Artist Project Services, we produced 4 interactive audio maps under the UnHeardOf STL banner, and an original 3-part storytelling podcast called Pear Blossom under the Fablist brand. All these projects came from the same two goals, so they've all been combined under the UnHeardOf World identity. 

Our work seeks to address two problems in contemporary America.


First, that minority people (children in particular) do not see

themselves represented in media;

mass media presents extremely limited and stereotyped

versions of minority cultures.


Second, that many Americans have hardened their views

of cultures other than their own;

they are not open to understanding the experiences

of people unlike themselves. 

UnHeardOf World addresses both these issues through cinematic audio stories that fairly and accurately represent Black, Indigenous, Asian, Latino, and other marginalized people's histories in an engaging and immersive experience. Non-White listeners will gain a sense of pride from hearing their stories and their voices represented, and can internalize the importance of their culture. White listeners will deepen their empathy for cultures other than their own by virtually inhabiting these unfamiliar stories and understanding what life is like for people unlike themselves. 


We focus on two primary mediums for these stories: interactive audio maps, and original storytelling podcasts. Both of these are designed to be accessible to listeners of any technical ability, and to listeners of every age. Stories are family-friendly and available directly on web sites and common podcast apps.


UnHeardOf World has creatives and partners in St Louis, Chicago, Nashville, Los Angeles, Colchester, Connecticut, and more. We are eager to find new partners, new funders, and new stories to tell. Contact us today to get a conversation started. 

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