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interactive audio maps to recontextualize physical spaces with cinematic audio stories

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Physical places are sources of great pride and great conflict; historic cities are filled with markers, monuments, and signage highlighting places where even the smallest event took place; or where minor White male historical figures lived, worked, or fought. 

UnHeardOf World seeks to virtually supplement and reimagine some of these places with the stories of marginalized people - Black, Indigenous, Asian, Latino, LGBTQ, female and other underrepresented people's stories and events.


Listeners will be able to stand in a physical place, looking at a physical historical site or building, and simultaneously listen to an immersive story that lends new context to that space. 


Importantly, these stories do not attempt to replace or change the widely-known stories of these places. Instead, UnHeardOf World will provide new perspectives and new stories to add context to and enhance listener’s understandings of a place. We seek to provide stories that are not currently being told in an effort to create new opportunities for understanding and engaging with history.

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We produce maps based on our mission of increasing empathy in our culture, as well as maps for a wide variety of clients. 

The style of the audio on any given map is tailored to the topic. We have produced "walking tour" style maps with pre-written curatorial content recorded by historical experts, maps with individual interviews, "public radio" style interview montages pinned to interesting locations, and of course fully scripted cinematic audio stories delving in to the hidden stories of well-known places. 

No story (and no budget) is too large or too small for UnHeardOf World. We truly believe that more stories of all kinds will make the world a better and more empathetic place. 

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