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audio fables for modern families

Our pilot story Pear Blossom is LIVE NOW!

You can listen to all three episodes below, on iTunesGoogle Play, Stitcher, TuneIn, or simply search your podcast app for Fablist (our original brand). (Or use the rss feed if you dare!)

We tell unique, original stories that reimagine fairy tales, fables, parables, and proverbs from world cultures. We tell these stories in a cinematic audio style to fully engage listeners, no screen required. And every story has a simple moral message to help parents raise empathetic, thoughtful kids.


Each story is told in 3-5 serialized installments, with dialog, immersive sound design, and music; and has a simple, universally accepted moral at its core. You won't find organized religion or prescribed doctrine, and there isn't a narrator at the end telling you how to behave. These are simply well-told stories that give families a starting point for discussions of ethics, character, and behavior.

Many modern parents feel overwhelmed by our desires for our children. We want to keep them busy, help them be happy, teach them to appreciate the world around them, and to be kind to their neighbors. We worry about our kids making friends, about them being responsible members of society, about their grades, about how much homework they have, and about how they treat other people. 

UnHeardOf World Fables don’t solve all these problems, but we give parents of any faith, religion, or background an accessible, engaging, and imaginative entertainment option that instills simple ethical values in their kids. 

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